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Aamir Khatri Fine Arts
Aamir Khatri Fine Arts
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Aamir Khatri Fine Arts - When amalgamation of thoughts and dreams lead one to spread creativity that is captivating enough to make the beholding eye ponder over the mysteries the canvas seldom reveals, one cannot help but admire Aamir Khatri\'s bold, beautiful and impacting brush strokes while observing the artwork extraoridinare! Inspired by Picasso, Khatri experiments with portraiture, impressionism, landscaping thereby keeping himself closely aligned with wildlife, woeful women, nature and calligraphy. His message is to spread peace and harmony through his artwork. Khatri loves painting horses as the inspirational beast to him is considered as an emblem of peace. He is a keen observer of human sentiments and uses this talent profusely in his artwork. He wants people to know him as an ambassador for peace and humanity. Thrist of Peace, Aamir Khatri\'s very own art series constitutes a universal message of peace and positivity for all human beings. for more details please visit page, WhatsApp 03432880763.
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